Whole Earth 50th


Check out these videos, which we created for the Whole Earth 50th Anniversary:

Evening Program (talks and conversations between Whole Earth contributors and contemporary wave makers)

Whole Earth Flashbacks - A Video History (see below)

Alumni Lightning Talks (featuring talks by Larry Brilliant, Isabella Kirkland, Wavy Gravy, Carolyn Garcia, and more)  


Watch this video of our evening program, which was held at Cowell Theatre on Oct. 13 and featured talks and conversations with Rusty Schweickart, Kevin Kelly, Simone Giertz, Howard Rheingold, Chip Conley, Stephanie Mills, Stephanie Feldstein, Stewart Brand and Sal Khan. Read speaker bios and learn more on our event page.



Meet the creators of the Whole Earth Catalog and the community they inspired.

This half-hour video takes you on a dazzling journey through time, from the first Whole Earth Catalogs to the Co-Evolution Quarterly, the Whole Earth Review, the Hackers Conference, the Well, Wired, Burning Man and the 10,000 Year Clock.

Whole Earth Flashbacks features thought leaders like Stewart Brand, J. Baldwin, Lloyd Kahn, Ted Nelson, Howard Rheingold, Wavy Gravy, Kevin Kelly and Danny Hillis, to name but a few. These folks have one thing in common: they have all given access to tools and ideas, to help people bring their dreams to life -- and change the world.

This retrospective was produced and directed by Fabrice Florin, with the help of over 60 community members, who are listed in the credits below. Many thanks to our video crew: Ahmed Kabil, David Lawrence, James McKee, Matisse Enzer, Robert Horvitz, Susan Ryan, Mark Petrakis and Phyllis Florin. Kudos as well to Stewart Brand, Ryan Phelan, Danica Remy, the Point Foundation and all the amazing volunteers who organized this event and made this community creation possible!

Learn more about Whole Earth Flashbacks on our project page. Also visit our Whole Earth Photos, a community-created album with 450+ historical photos on the evolution of the Whole Earth culture from 1966 to 2018. It features many great images that could not be included in the video, and offer more info about this fascinating culture. If you would like to share more images, please use this upload form to transfer them onto our Google Drive, then email us with more details, at the address below.

Whole Earth Flashbacks is an open-source documentary, which we hope will keep evolving over time, so that it may inspire more people to take action in the next 10,000 years!

Contact us with any comments or questions about this project: wholeearthmultimedia@gmail.com .



Watch this video of alumni lightning talks, recorded by Gary Yost in the atrium of the Art Institute at Fort Mason on the afternoon of Oct. 13. This private event for Whole Earth Alumni featured talks by Larry Brilliant, Gail Williams, Will Marshall, Diana Hadley, Orville Schell, Isabella Kirkland, Ken Dychtwald, Peter Schwartz, Ariel Ekblaw, Neil Gershenfeld, Carolyn Garcia (Mountain Girl) and Bruce Sterling and Wavy Gravy. The talks were hosted by Ryan Phelan and facilitated by Howard Rheingold.